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19.04.2008 18:31 - THE DUMMY STATE
Автор: chara Категория: Политика   
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    It is possible that a dummy state exist ? „YesandNo”? Seemingly the contradiction can not be over came. But is that inreality and where the borders of absurd are!      Let us frame the terms and we shall see what will come out.  The window dressing, in general is a set of objects for decoration, similar to the real ones, used for decoration and show.      Understanding the a state as a unity of territory, population and state’s authorities, and looking at the country we live in, we make the following statement: the territory of approximately of 111 thousand kmІ and population of approximately 7,5 millions / in this case is really existing historically, in others words there are no signs for fake.     Do a population and territory make a state?     Absolutely NOT!    The states authoritiesthis is where we can find out or reject the thesis for existence of a dummy state.    Thus the states authoritiesexecutive, legislative and judicial.    And may be there is a sense first of all to follow the process of selecting the representatives of the legislative and executive authorities. Probably you will agree with my opinion that during the last local elections in most cases the marionettes, people who are dependent on those who bough for their account and for their benefit the vote of the so vereign have been The elections them selves were a pure insult for the electors. The elector has been forced to choose not values, ideas or governing programs , but permanently and dynamically regrouping interests. In either case, we can talk about an acting mechanism for control of the electors , those 20% ( strongly supporters) and 20% of the hesitating group that is keen on, roughly said, “prostituting” though their vote or more softly those who are selling their vote to those who are proposing the better price, which is controlling the 60% group. The result of the already imposed model is as follows: The elections are not important any more and as aconsequence the percentage of those who abstain from voting is increased.      The deep point of the phenomen on is so called agreement of the top-drawers”, which we observed at their last attach of the power – incredible and exotic coalitions formed locally, which is against any political logic. Practically, the ruling and the opposition took the role of dummies due to their participation to one degree or another in the executive power.     In fact the democratic government disappeared not only because the Right was smashed and because the borders were blurred and it was gone too far. The excuse of the moderators of the process was that it was about breaking the two vicious pole model, provided a scene for the agreement of the top – drawers, demonstrated by an undistinguished pursuit of surviving in the bosom of the power with all means and at all costs.      Now it can not be denied that the elections were and are becoming a puppetshow , imposed and organized by the top- drawers with the passive ( those who have not voted) and active (those who have sold their vote ) participation of the sovereign.      The political process itself is also turning into a puppet show. Actually as ridiculous as it may sound there is no choice. The political programmes of separate political individuals are not anymore an expression of their will, rather than bait when hunting for elector’s votes. The latter is not very embarrassed due to the high aggressiveness of the electors. According the common understanding for political activity, it should serve for the general welt fare, protect national values and solve conflicts. However, the politicians, in their capacity of moderators of the political are not capable of having a dialogue with their electors, as long as the gap between both sides has assumed incredible dimensions. Not only didn’t they cooperate in solving , but they also generate them.      What is happening wouldn’t be different or something new as long as the political power is in the hand of the three-partite coalition. This coalition, and the previous one since 2001 now demonstrate the features of the “distributing” one as defined in the Rise and Decline of Nations by M. Olson. What is typical for a similar specific group? First of all, it is the pursuit of the bigger amount of the national wealth, using illegal methods. And mostly the political power! Eventually, the oligarchy elite through the government will impose and protect it interests disguised as “state” interests. The social price of this process of redistribution is high, which is robbing the population that is excluded by the distributive coalition.  Upon these processes the public and institutional frame will be replaced, the publicity will disappear, and the civil control will become impossible. For example, the privatization as a process is carried out in private, where the private interest meets the state’s representatives.      The media is seeking only sensation in these relations, and the public plays their allotted role of a spectator. The situation with the procedure of so called public procurement procedures is the same.  In other words the political objectives and means dominate also in the economic life. This leads to a change in the form of the political rationality, as well as vitiation of the term such as profit and efficiency. We witness the imitation of the functioning of the free market economy or the fake.      In fact the state through distributive coalition wants and exercise as strong as possible control on the economic processes and private business, as in the same time its functions in the education, culture, health, juvenile sports, etc. is withdrawn. .      The state , administration or bureaucracy, which should be at equal distance from the state and the citizens , being loyal and competent to guarantee the public and state interest and keep the balance between them, is supposed to be independent and unchangeable. Is that the situation in Bulgaria. At every change of the ruling elites, nation-wide personnel revolutions happen. Thus those who become state’s officials are relatives, political co-workers, political friends, etc. The competence is lost, the loyalty to the state and public interests are replaced by private interests of the parallel power.      The distribution itself of the power ( executive, legislative and judicial) is intended not for mutual control, but to use the gained power for one’s own interests.      There is already a term “faзade democracyas an expression  of the mistrust in the institutions, political parties and politicians. In the illusionary democracy the place of the well functioning official institutions is taken by non-formal clientelism, corruption reaching the level of the state’s policy and mode of functioning of the state’s institutions.      Observing the work of the legislator for the last years, we can not deny that it has became illusionary. Otherwise how can we call the legislative procedures – basic regulations, defining the borders of the public relations and the public contract – implemented through non legally sound representation such as voting with another’s voting card. If we have viciousness as well as the fameexisting upon creation of legal regulations, could then we make a conclusion that they cause real rights and obligations for sovereign and institutions? It is strange but I have not seen anywhere comments on this aspect of fake. As soon as the regulations are created, they are subject to correction, repairs , thus contradicting to the already existing and creating an artistic regulative chaos.      The judicial power is also part of the fake of the power. The Justice authorities are wrapped in procedures, thousands of unsolved legal cases, long and ineffective process. Cases of breaching the human rights of Bulgarian citizens by Bulgarian institutions and regulation, being legal madness are not rare.      The freedom of speech and mass media has chosen to exist in the so called uncontrolled areas – The Internet.The print and massmedia happen to be in the power of theyellowsensational and perfunctional news , chalga ( Translator’s note Chalga is a form of Bulgarian music and reality shows. It comes to the paradox of the crooked mirror, where a version, investigation, deviation distributed by the politicians and the official media in fact are real and proven by the reality.   a mixture of Balkan folk, incorporating a blend of Arabic, Turkish, Greek, and Roma (Gypsy) influences, as well as motifs from Balkan traditional music, even flamenco and klezmer music. It is known for repeating musical themes and dance rhythms and its style of dancing called kyucheck (belly dance) in Bulgarian)      Brought to absurd the fake of the institutions, the political process , the state in general,  may be is partially hidden in the manner of imposing or settling the freedom and democracywhen everything was set, as well as the lack of democratic tradition and culture.      However, I always ask myself where this will bring us to and who are therestrictorsof the process in order to protect the society against the destructive decay of the institutionalism. Since, at least to me, there is not morality in the accepting the poverty, the homeless, the beggars, the vagrants, the drug addiction, children in the orphanage homes, dirt, ecological pollution, crime illegal construction, misuse and abuse of political power, and so on and so on, and accepting all this as a part of the scenery, part of our everyday life. I don’t accept either the primitive explanation, excuse that this is part of the transition price. Neither do I accept that the dummy state, which surprisingly or not, it has turned out that it is existed. It is existed on the political map of Europe today in XXI century…


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